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   Serving the Feed Industry
  Since 1973


Randy has been in the feed and pet food business since 1973 with a background in General Management, Sales/Marketing Management, Operations and Finance.  He's held the positions of President, VP of Sales, General Director, Sales/Marketing Manager, Operations Manager and Controller.

Having worked for ADM/MoorMan's and Blue Seal Feeds, Randy has commercial feed, specialty feed and pet food experience.  He has managed teams of nearly 400 sales and technical people selling directly to dairy and livestock producers in the Mid-West, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.  He has also managed the sales and marketing of an extensive line of specialty feeds and pet foods sold thru over 1,000 independent farm/feed dealers and pet stores on the East Coast.  Additionally, he was instrumental in establishing national distribution of organic and natural pet food brands sold thru grocery, big box and independent pet/specialty.

Randy has served on AFIA's Board of Directors and President of the Northeast Ag & Feed Alliance.  He has the industry leadership experience it takes to see the big picture.  Combining his cross-functional work experience and diversified feed/pet food background, Randy can help you develop and execute a business plan that will bring value to customers while delivering results to your  bottom line.