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   Serving the Feed Industry
   Since 1973



An on-going training and development program should be a part of your business plan.  Encouraging your employees to become better tomorrow than they are today (everyday) fosters an attitude of continual improvement that will benefit customers and your bottom line. 
Randy's sales, coaching and service philosophies are built on trust, integrity and a sustainable win-win relationship.  He proudly represents Integrity Solutions based out of Nashville,TN and is a certified training consultant. 
Randy has been associated with Integrity Solutions for over 30 years of the company's 50-year history and shares the pride of over 2 million Integrity Solutions graduates worldwide.
Randy gladly provides classroom and field training for sales/service people and their managers.  Randy will also work with your senior managers on specific development needs.
Click on the links below to download and print Executive Overviews for Integrity Solutions' core programs.

Integrity Service Executive Overview

Integrity Selling Executive Overview

Integrity Coaching Executive Overview

Contact Randy about helping you to create and administer your employee development program.    His passion for training and development is contagious and the results empowering.